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How We Work

For Business

For Business

Corner Office Financial understands how businesses operate as well as the strategies that are part of long-term planning. Our team will assist you in creating a sound strategy that helps address your goals, with a sensitivity towards your vision, the risks with which you are comfortable, and the control you desire to maintain.

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For Personal

For Personal

Whether you require an estate planning advocate, advice on personal risk management or other financial or insurance planning advice, Corner Office Financial will provide you with the consulting you deserve. We will work with you to understand your needs and help you to work toward your goals.

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Business Planning

Business owners understand daily risks such as uncollectible receivables, quality control issues, equipment breakdowns, and customer disputes. Some, however, are not prepared for unanticipated risks such as the inability to attract or retain the best people, illness or injury to key employees, or even an incapacitated owner. Corner Office Financial, LLC has developed a distinct offering of services essential to businesses that include protecting assets, risk management, key person attraction and retention, buy-sell planning, executive compensation programs, business succession planning, retirement plans, and group benefits. Whether you avail yourself of one or all of these services, you can be confident that you are taking proper steps toward financial freedom for you and your business.

Retirement Plans

We assist our business clients in designing comprehensive retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s and Simple IRAs, that make financial sense for the company and provide good value to employees. We provide knowledge and experience in assisting owners and corporate executives with their stewardship of these types of plans, including fiduciary and compliance responsibilities.

Employee Benefits

We can provide employee benefit programs designed to help recruit or retain good employees, giving your company a competitive edge within its industry, and assist you with compliance oversight. We implement and administer benefit programs that can help manage your needs, including comprehensive retirement plans, profit sharing plans, disability insurance, health, group and life insurance, long-term care insurance, and voluntary-pay insurance products. Let our benefits specialists help guide you in selecting the appropriate programs for your company.

Insurance Planning

We assist you to safeguard your business and individual assets with the proper insurance to potentially minimize your risks. We offer a range of independent products and resources including key person life insurance, disability, general liability, long-term care insurance, and business continuity insurance. The insurance specialists at Corner Office Financial, LLC will explore your needs, explain your options, and recommend an affordable way to protect your assets.

Wealth Management

You have invested time and resources into building your wealth — now let the team at Corner Office Financial, LLC help you work toward reaping the rewards of your efforts. Our investment specialists will develop a plan to help manage your financial resources that takes into account short-term and long-term goals, risk tolerance, life changes, market volatility, and other variables to manage your assets over time. A regular advisor-assisted review of your investment portfolio can help manage risks and coordinate asset allocation strategies geared for your benefit.

Retirement Planning

There’s more to retirement planning than simply rolling over your 401(k) and deciding when to start drawing Social Security benefits. It is important to develop a strategy that can work toward generating an income stream to provide for a comfortable lifestyle. Our advisor-assisted process starts with getting to know you: your life’s passions, your fears, and your goals. We help you establish realistic retirement objectives and by working together, we develop the plan to help you pursue them. As your goals and resources evolve, it is critical to have a trusted advisor with experience to assess such things as risk tolerance versus a need for stability as well as to consider health changes that may affect your retirement timeline.

Financial & Estate Planning

Both financial and estate planning are important facets of your overall financial well-being. A properly coordinated plan can help minimize tax consequences during one’s lifetime and again when assets are transferred upon death, so your loved ones are not burdened with unnecessary taxes or management concerns. A sound strategy can identify what you and your family need financially to maintain your lifestyle and risks to which you are exposed. We develop strategies for dealing with or avoiding these potential problems — along with consideration of appropriate options to reduce any tax exposure. Knowing how sensitive this can be, we will listen and implement a plan to help ensure that both your financial and estate plans are designed to help you pursue your personal goals.

Securities America and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice; therefore it is important to coordinate with your tax or legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

Long-Term Care Planning

Long-term care planning is a crucial consideration for sound financial planning to help protect your assets and preserve your wealth and plan for your financial needs over time. In fact, a long-term care policy allows the plan put in place by your financial planner to work effectively. Let us educate you as to what Medicare covers and what it does not and design a long-term care plan for you that is both suitable and comfortably affordable. We will also review options with you such as a life or fixed annuity policy with a long-term care rider that may be more desirable than a traditional long-term care policy.

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